Natural veneer. What is it?

Natural veneer, otherwise known as veneer, is a thin layer of wood that covers the surfaces of furniture, doors and other decorative elements. It is obtained from 100% natural raw material by slicing wood. It guarantees both a beautiful appearance and long service life.

Veneers are used in furniture, design and interior finishing. They give furniture an individual and unique character. They perfectly reflect the appearance of solid wood, have an original colour and are long-lasting materials of high quality.


Our range

We manufacture and sell natural veneers from various species of European and exotic trees. Our veneers are characterised by a diversity of grain and drawing, as well as colours – from white through browns to dark grey and black.

We offer a wide range of veneers in different thicknesses, lengths and widths. Most of our veneers are 0.6 mm thick, but you can also get veneers 1.5 mm and 2 mm thick. The perfectly manufactured natural veneers we offer are sure to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers.