About Meda Veneer with its registered office in Białośliwie

We at Meda Veneer have been operating since 2008 as a seller and manufacturer of natural veneers and sawn timber. We have our registered office in Białośliwie in the Wielkopolska Province. We provide a professional and reliable service, approaching orders with commitment and taking care of every detail during their realisation.

We specialise in the production of veneers, face veneers and sawn timber from both domestic and exotic tree species. We offer goods available in stock or on order, which we deliver in a timely manner. Our employees expand their knowledge, learn modern woodworking technologies and techniques, develop their skills and actively respond to clients’ needs.

szyjąca kobieta

Veneer, face veneer, sawn timber

Wood is a material that is used in many industries, which is why our offer is mainly addressed to medium and large woodworking companies, wholesalers, furniture and flooring manufacturers, wood product manufacturers and veneer and sawn timber dealers.

The area of our business activity is the territory of the Republic of Poland, the European Union and Ukraine. Thanks to fruitful partnerships, we are able to reach a growing number of recipients.