cięcie drewnaTarcica

The sawn timber available in our offer is of the highest quality. We manufacture and sell it dried to a humidity of around 10% in grades I – II – III. We manufacture uncut and log sawn timber from such tree species as European oak, ash, beech, pine and alder.

We have most species in stock, and the rarer ones are available on individual order. Sawn timber is available in various quality grades and in thicknesses from 28 mm to 60 mm. Thicker sawn timber can be ordered as piled logs.


Sawn timber usage

The sawn timber available in our offer is ideal for many building trades, door and window joinery and the furniture industry. It is ideal for floors, stairs, terraces, furniture, kitchen worktops, gazebos, balustrades and even ships and boats. It is ideal not only for indoor but also for outdoor conditions.