składanie obłogówFace veneer

Face veneers are sheets of wood 0.9mm thick and thicker, which are used in the manufacture of internal and external doors, stairs, floors and furniture.

Our offer includes face veneers in many designs and colours, from 0.9 mm to 2.5 mm thick. We manufacture them from many types of wood, including beech, oak, ash and pine. Our face veneers are chip-free cut, so they have a smooth surface and only need to be lightly sanded.

We use the highest quality, specially selected raw material for our veneers and upholstery.


Custom-made face veneers

We can produce custom-made veneers and face veneers in non-standard thicknesses and widths. Pricing for such an order depends on the dimensions and quantity of the material ordered. We sell direct and by mail, and for larger orders, we provide and organise our own transport. You are welcome to ask for individual quotations! We are happy to help you.